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When you dont have time to walk your dog or clean up After her

Hi! I'm Scoopy Poo, I mean Meagan. I am 11 and I am an expert dog lover and I love to provide dog walking and waste clean up services!


For Scooping Service, I service homes on a weekly, twice weekly, three times weekly, every two weeks, and one-time clean-ups. I will clean up after your dog, leave dog treats behind and secure your gate on the way out. Scooping services start at just $10

For walking I provide walking services for dogs under 30lbs on Saturdays for 15 or 30 minutes.  Walking starts at just $9

In case you are wondering, my parents are helping me with my business.


About Me
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SCOOPING Prices and Plans

1x Per Week: $12 per visit

2x Per Week: $10 per visit

1x Every Two Weeks: $25 per visit

Sanitizing & Deodorizing Available


*Initial visit fee will apply if yard has not been maintained.

*Prices are based on average sized fenced in yards with up to 2 dogs, yards over a half acre, or more than 2 dogs will be an additional amount.

Girl with Dogs


Walking Prices and Plans

15 minute walk: $9

30 Minute Walk: $15

1 hour energy burn: $19 per visit


*I can only walk dogs that are very friendly and weigh less than 30 lbs. Ask about group rates.  I can walk 2 small dogs for a discount!

** Energy Burn: I come to your house to play with your dog in the back yard and take her for a 30 minute walk.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
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