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When you dont have time to walk your dog or clean up After her

Hi! I'm Scoopy Poo, I mean Meagan. I am 11 and I am an expert dog lover and I love to provide dog walking and waste clean up services!


For Scooping Service, I service homes on a weekly, twice weekly, three times weekly, every two weeks, and one-time clean-ups. I will clean up after your dog, leave dog treats behind and secure your gate on the way out. Scooping services start at just $9

For walking I provide walking services for dogs under 30lbs on Saturdays for 15 or 30 minutes.  

In case you are wondering, my parents are helping me with my business.



SCOOPING Prices and Plans

1x Per Week: $12 per visit

2x Per Week: $10 per visit

3x Per Week: $9 per visit

1x Every Two Weeks: $20 per visit

Sanitizing & Deodorizing Available


*Initial visit fee will apply if yard has not been maintained.

*Prices are based on average sized fenced in yards, yards over an acre will be an additional amount.

Girl with Dogs


Walking Prices and Plans

15 minute walk: $9

30 Minute Walk: $15

1 hour energy burn: $19 per visit


*I can only walk dogs that are very friendly and weigh less than 30 lbs. Ask about group rates.  I can walk to small dogs for a discount!

** Energy Burn: I come to your house to play with your dog in the back yard and take her for a 30 minute walk.